Saturday, October 9, 2010

toilet paper guns & confetti filled balloons

We stayed the night in Tulsa at Marshall's parents house but had to get out of town early to make it back to Stillwater for Courtney's wedding.

I know Marshall was excited.

He's in town for 2 days and I drag him to a wedding. Good boyfriend.
I love weddings that are full of my parent's friends. They know how to party.
Beautiful wedding, perfect company. Congrats Court & Marcus!

After the wedding we went home to play with Baby J.
He likes Marshall.

And since he is only in town for 2 days and we are crazy we decided to hop in the car, drive to Edmond, and see Girl Talk perform at UCO.

If you have no idea who Girl Talk is, I'm sorry. He rocks. He is one dude and his Macbook on stage. He's just a DJ, he doesn't sing. Which means everyone knows all the songs all the time. Kylie and I got hooked in China. So we were pretty excited for the show.

Sounds lame? It's not.
I dragged Cathy and Kori out and I think they are glad I did!

An hour & a half of non-stop dancing. We burned some calories.

And this man.... Skeleton Man.
He really burned some calories.

I'll post a video later so everyone can see what they missed. Especially you Tim Corbin. You were missed tonight.