Saturday, September 25, 2010

"can i at least keep my real simples?"

Cathy is moving out of her cute little apartment and moving into Kori's cute house. So today I was on "help Cathy clean out her crap" duty.

We found some good items for the giveaway box.
green floral boy shorts

weird sock leggings

hot mom jeans

and a pile of t-shirts to dump

I love cleaning out other people's junk. She had InStyle magazines from 2007. Junk.

And on our way home from dropping 4 trash bags off at the Goodwill we drove by this random house.
With a real bed in the front yard full of flowers.

I love people's creativity.



Cathy said...

If mom butt doesn't get me a boyfriend, I don't know what will!

Sydney said...

ooh! I'll take those funky sock leggings! ;)