Saturday, January 16, 2010

yup... still sweating

We are still sweating, but not complaining one bit! It just keeps getting better and better around here. I could live here, and not just for the $8 Thai body massage or the Italian restaurants on every street.
Today Kylie and I had relaxation day... we did some window shopping in this hip part of town, and we found a Whole Foods type market. We picked out some items we can't get in China and had a picnic. Sushi and a bag of chips for Kylie. I had bagels and cream cheese. We both drank a beer outside in the middle of all these fancy rich people. We were total white trash, but totally content with life. After, we had a massage. We have been walking so we were pretty sore! We got worked over by these 2 precious Thai women, and it felt glorious! Now we are relaxing at the hostel and will go hit the town and some night shopping! WOah! Thai Baht, I love you!
I still can't post pictures, but believe you me I will make a killer facebook album upon my return to China. I will leave you with some of my findings here in the Big Bang...
1. They give you straws for EVERYTHING. Even the 7-11 will give you a straw with your water bottle. It is like the perfect city!
2.They have ICE!!!!
3.They don't stare at you and don't yell "HELLO?" at you as you walk down the street.
4.You can watch CNN and BBC and listen to NPR whenever you want
5.The cars don't honk at you and try and run you over as you cross the street, they stop and let you cross the street... fancy concept huh?
6. The clothes are sooooo cute here it makes me sick.
7. They sell TAMPONS!
More observations next time I post...
Sunday night we leave Bangkok and taking a bus to Phuket ( it's fun to say). Our bus is about 12 hours, but it leaves late at like 7, so we will get to the beack at 7am! Not looking forward to sleeping on a bus, but I have a whole bottle of TPM and my face mask, so I should be okay...
I'll update from the beach!
p.s. it keeps messing up the format of my blog.. so I apologize for that

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