Friday, January 8, 2010

School's out.... for... the holiday

FINALLY. We are finished. The rest of our team has been done for weeks, so these last few weeks have been lonely and kind of awful knowing our friends are out traveling the world. BUT WE ARE DONE NOW!

But before we could celebrate no school we had to take care of some business. Our organization, ELT Edge, gave 4 students some scholarship money for the school year. The school officials have been putting it off for months and finally they organized this shindig. We didn't know what to expect. This shouldn't have been a knew feeling to us, we NEVER know what to expect in China.

This huge banner was hanging in the conference room.

The students that were there supporting their fellow classmates.

Marty was there taking pictures.

The 3 girls who received the scholarships. The boy, Randy, was not present for the ceremony. I will say that 2 of the 4 winners were my students.

We had about a 15 minute awkward waiting time for Mr. Wu to show...

Mr. Yu examined my Carmex while we waited. He just couldn't figure it out.

Once Mr. Wu got there it was time to get that party started.

Mr. Wu made a speech. In Chinese. He doesn't speak English nor care to learn English. But he is cute and always bows.

We presented the scholarships, of course in an awkward manner.

And then it was time for pictures....

The teachers and the students. The Chinese do not smile... and apparently neither does Kevin.

Just the teachers. Notice the awkward hands and space between everyone.

ELT Edgers and students. Again, notice the awkwardness. My hands especially... what am I supposed to do, I'm all locked in.

We wanted a picture with our banner.... But when you give your camera to your student they don't zoom or move their body to get a better picture... and this is what you get.

My students from my favorite class, Thursday at 4. I cried when saying goodbye to them yesterday. The girl in the turquoise jacket also cried.

I said, FUN PICTURE! Please notice Marty. He is doing the "elephant sign". I taught them The Elephant Game in our last class. If I have taught them anything it is how to play The Elephant Game. Success!

After the ceremony we went to dinner with the 3 girls, and Elliot, a Chinese English teacher.

Our eyes were bigger than our bellies.

Elliot bought. He rocks. He is married and has a tiny precious 5 month baby girl. But better than that... he has a New Zealand/Australian accent. It is wild.



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Kara Pyo said...

yeah! I'm so glad you're freeeeeeeeeee! It feels great, doesn't it? please don't take a blog break. I need to feel like we're still together. :)