Monday, January 25, 2010

vacation is about relaxing...

I think whoever thinks that doesn't carry around a heavy backpack on their back from city to city.

We have been on overnight buses, and overnight trains for the past 3 days. We also did a 1/2 day bus tour with old people. We woke up at 5:30 am and rode in the big tour bus, had a tour guide, and everything, we were the youngest people by at least 20 years. It was very interesting... So now we need to relax.

We are currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The weather is supposed to be cooler here, but it still is in the high 80's, but it is a small town, easier to get around, and still lots to do! It has such a cool, relaxed, chill vibe here, there are cute unique coffee shops on every corner, local people to stare at and take pictures of, and good dining establishments everywhere!

We have a list of things to do while in Chian Mai... I will share with you...

-rent a motor bike! Kylie is scard, but I think I could really do it... we will probably just rent normal bicycles instead. but I know I could do it.
-shopping at the nice big mall
-night bazaar market, more shopping but a lot of like thailand stuff... anyone want anything?
-thai cooking class where we lern to cook like, 4 dishes, its a half day class, and I know I don't really like Thai food... or like to cook. But one day I will have to provide a meal for my family. And my future guy loves spicy food, and how funny will it be for me to take a cooking class!
-get a massage by a woman prison inmate, sounds dangerous, but i love the idea. these woman are supposed to be released within 6 months, and the money goes to them for when they are out. also I don't think they have killed anyone or anything awful like that...
-night safari, animals come up to your jeep thing and its supposed to be crazy. sounds like disneyworld.
-get a pedicure.
-jazz club. The hip old man from NY told us about it.
-private movie screening- we found a movie store that you can watch movies, movies that aren't even out to rent yet, for real cheap at their place in your own little room. romantic date with Kylie!
-ride elephants. When in Rome...
-eat more sandwhiches. We have already found this amazing place to eat... It's called "Amazing Sandwhiches" and they have SMOKED TURKEY!! They do not have turkey in China, or sandwiches in China. They don't even know what they are. It makes me miss Quizno's!

So as you can see we have a lot to do. We may go back to Bangkok before heading back to China... we just don't know. We really love Bangkok. We went there after the islands and hung out and did the old people tour, and our friend at the hostel who owns it, Ron, he wants us to come back. He is old but pretty tight. We wears plaid shorts. But we have to see.... Chiang Mai is so much cheaper it's hard to leave this place ever! We have to be out February 11th, that's when our visa runs out, so we will leave sometime!

We did figure out that there is the new DISNEYLAND in Hong Kong!!! And we are flying into HK.... so we are working on details for that. Anyone who knows me knows my love for all things Disney!

I can't sleep at night I'm so excited!

I'll work on trying to give you a picture of my pretty face.



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