Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bangkok, Phuket, Phi Phi

Could we go anywhere with grosser names? Phi Phi is pronounced PEE PEE... pretty great right? You know I am loving that!

Well we have been on the island of Phuket for a few days and so far all we have really done is lay at the beach for one day and burned my ankle, and today we went zip lining and went to a cashew factory. Sounds lame, but was actually a lot of fun. And I ate a lot of cashews.

It's super super hot here and even though it is 11 pm it still feels like Oklahoma on a hot hot humid summer day. We leave Phuket tomorrow and head to the Phi Phi islands. We go by boat and Kylie and I have already started making up words to "I'm On a Boat" for the Phi Phi island boat ride...

I was able to upload a few pictures from my old trust blue camera, but I have been taking most pictures on my big fancy camera. The hotel resort we are at right now has computers for us to use, so here are 2 pictures. I know you have missed me.

I must get to bed. My boat comes pretty early in the morning.

Until I am able to update again...


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