Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I received a package today.

From my besties!

They really know me.... In this box was the following... Goldfish, TAMPONS, a microphone, Oatmeal Creme Pies, sugar cookie mix with precious potholder and spoon combined, cookie cutters, naughty/nice stocking stuffed with letters for my students and me, The Charades board game to play with students, and last but certainly not least....


I love it and might never take it off! Adult onesies are brilliant.

AND...Inside my letter from Cathy was a picture of Cathy on a stick/pen. Genius!

I have the greatest friends in the whole world. Their cards made me laugh and cry and miss them more than I ever thought I could miss them. They know the way to my heart. (And please note the Whitney English stationery used by Bailey... nice work Bai)

Thank you Bailey, Cathy, Emily, and Kori... my sweet and precious friends.

Okay, pretend this was just 1 picture of all of us together... I searched and searched my pictures and couldn't find one of just us. But I think a singlet of just Cathy is always something to make you smile. We sure know how to have fun!


p.s.... if you have ever wanted a blog post about yourself, it's easy. send me a package. i'm a sucker for gifts.



Kara Pyo said...

awwww! best friends are the BEST. and that onesie is A-mazing. I hope you're wearing it when we meet again.

Lynn said...

your friends are the best ever!

Bailey Anne said...

You look so cute in your onesie!!! I forgot, does it have a butt flap? Because if it does we really are Z Best!! And I LOVE these dance party pictures! Why have I not seen them? They're the greatest and you're the greatest!