Thursday, January 14, 2010


We made it to Bangkok. It is beautiful and hot and hot!!
I wish I could post pictures but I can't... I didn't bring my computer... sad day I know.
However, a few things you should know about our first encounters with this place....
1. the taxi's are hot pink and hot purple... that's hot
2. the dogs are big and not dirty
3. they have a water taxi that is like you are getting on a speed boat everytime. they don't actually stop to let you on and off. you have to jump
4. they have a Dunkin Donuts with donuts that look like Bailey decorated them
5. it's really stinkin humid here
and there are more, but no time. Our hostel only lets us have 15 minutes of free internet.
And if anyone ever needs a vacation idea... go to Thailand. Do it.
Until next time...

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