Sunday, June 10, 2012

weekend update.

We didn't do a lot this weekend, and that was just what I wanted.

We had Chinese food.
In true China form, drank multiple beverages, tea, water and beer.

Ate fortune cookies.... that they don't even have in China... so American...
 This was Marshall's... I told him he can't laugh at me anymore when I say my dream is to be a Kardashian. 
The fortune told him not to.

We also saw a Chinese baby passed out at the liquor store.
It really felt like we were back in China.

We ran some errands... and somehow ended up at a brewery.
I drink sample size brews because I'm a lightweight. 

We spent hours and hours at the pool.
 I never want to not have a pool again.

We got dressed up (aka not our bathing suits), went downtown and tried a new church.
This wasn't the actual church... but it's on the same street. So it works.
It was a good service, and the church had realllly good donuts and coffee (marshall verified the coffee, I don't drink that stuff, but I'm a donut connoisseur).

And we satisfied our burger craving.
We had to cheat on our favorite, Five Guys, because the closest one is 30 minutes away. 
And when I want a burger... I want it now. 

I got to spend good quality time with Marshall (which is harder than you might think, having a roommate) and now I'm ready for the work week.... Marshall's work week, not mine....


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Hannah Lesley said...

That Chinese food looks legit! So you should probably tell me where you went, and then we should double date there. Ok, thanks, bye.