Monday, June 18, 2012

a few hours to party

My dear friend Valerie was in town for a few hours today and I had the honor of spending those hours with her. 
We went to Sonic and Target, a rare occurrence for this Oklahoman turned New Yorker.
 We watched Pretty Little Liars and The Kardashians.
We even went to the pool.
And she got an eye exam by the cutest eye doctor around.

And as quickly as she was here, she was gone.
Until we meet again... in August on the east coast.



Ashley said...

Target, the Kardashians and Sonic - that sounds like a dream day! glad you got to see your friend!

Valerie said...

"You could benefit from bifocals."

love you, walkers. thanks for taking care of me.

Sam said...

I'm so excited for that one sweet day when we can all play together! :)