Thursday, June 28, 2012

beans + brownies = you can't even tell!

I am a sucker for sweets. I can't eat dinner without having it followed by something sweet.
I don't need anything fancy, in fact I prefer simple. Give me a cookie, brownie, or donut and I'm content. (we had donuts at our wedding, I love them so much)

When I found this recipe months ago from Skinny Taste for Black Bean Brownies I knew I had to try it. It's beans... in brownies. I mean let's be real, how can that possible work. 
You use the box brownie powder, a can of black beans, and some water. A great way to sneak some protein and fiber into the pile of sweetness.

So I made them for our girls night and we all agreed.. you can't taste the beans.
And surprisingly still really good.
This picture was taken a few days after I made them. They are still just as moist as when they came out of the oven... weird.

 And throw some ice cream on top and you really have no idea it isn't a normal brownie.
This picture kind of looks like a small turd.



Kendra said...

so. dang. good.

and then nutella on top totally made it for me!

Kasey said...

newest follower here :) love your blog! please come check mine out some time!! : D

Elle said...

I am really impressed....beans & brownies?? what?! gotta try it!

Valerie said...

it's fate: i received an extra can of black beans in my grocery order this week. i am going to get get a brownie box immediately and do this. scott shall never know!