Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bachelorette Hannah

My friend Hannah, who I know through Kara (Hannah taught in China the year before I did), is getting married in 2 weeks! She lives in Denver and so kindly invited Kendra and I to her bachelorette party!
Blog friends unite!

Before we met the girls, Kendra and I had to watch the first half of the Thunder/Spurs game!
Go Thunder!

Next, the bachelorette party!

Hannah wore her bridal get-up...
And it was awesome.

We drank fancy drinks, 

And opened fun gifts.
I might have stolen a few ideas from this book...

And of course we took pictures
Hannah's sister is awesome. I want to be her BFF.
Jumping in on their sister pic!

And you can't have a party without a dance party.
Hannah found herself a fellow bachelor party groom man.

Impulsive photo shoot with the bride.

And in the end we found this guy.
I wish I could demonstrate how he was dancing. The song could have been techno and he was S.L.O.W. jamming.
All alone. Just barely moving his hips, extremely slow style. He would also lift his shirt up a little. He was bizarre.

But he was just having a good time. 
Kind of like this picture someone took of me.

Besides the fact that I just look into my dance moment, I was actually making fun of the guy behind me.
But what the heck is wrong with my arms? My arms have never been so long or freaky looking.

It was so fun to be out with girls and celebrate Hannah! 
Congratulations Hannah! You're almost a married lady!



Kendra said...

heidi, you're copying his dance style perfectly (he was doing a flailing arms helicopter-move, while dancing in a circle). i just had to photo document it.

mr. slow jams was my favorite!

Heidi said...

Kendra, YES! the helicopter move! i forgot!! hahaha

Kari said...

Besides your weird arms (j/k) you're great.