Sunday, June 24, 2012

we smell like dogs.

Our weekend was anything buy typical. 
We dog sat. 
We are dog people, we both grew up with dogs, we want dogs of our own, but these dogs were... well... interesting... sweet dogs, but interesting dogs...

We woke up at 6:30 a.m., let dogs out, watched to make sure they pooped and peed, and hung out at someone else's house (as opposed to the furnished rental we currently live in, this place feels like home, someone else's house does not). 

We realized we are no where near ready for kids. Or dogs, big needy wild dogs at least. And I think kids are the equivalent to big needy wild dogs. So we aren't ready for kids.

And another exciting thing that happened this weekend. I have been without a phone for the majority of it... I dropped it in a small amount of water and it has currently been sleeping in a bag of rice. Praying it works... we can not afford a new phone, and let's be honest, once you've had an iPhone, it's really hard to go back. #phonesnob



Elle said...

Someone (with kids) once told me they thought dogs could be just as hard as kids sometimes lol. I hope not!

and I hope your phone comes back to life! I recently got an iphone and you're right--there is no going back!

Kara Pyo said...

best title for a blog post. ever.