Saturday, September 10, 2011

other people's food means it's free

Since I have been back in the great town of Philadelphia and I haven't done a whole lot. I have however, done a lot of catching up on housework, catching up on recorded TV, and thinking about catching up on real work (next week).

Marshall didn't have clinic this weekend, which is a rare thing, so we took advantage by being lazy, sleeping in, making pancakes, and having a date night.

We also decided we should be social and meet up with some of his friends from school.

This is Tai. She is also a 3rd year in Marshall's class. And she is always including me whenever they go and do something. She is a sweet Jersey girl.
You may remember us meeting up with her one time and finding a 5 year high school reunion and scoring some free food.

Well what do ya know, we found it again! Not the random 5 year reunion, but the free food.
People have catered events at these places and then they must start dancing and drinking and then forget about the food!

We can spot free food through the crowd of wasted skanky people anyday.

Win. Win. Win.


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