Friday, September 23, 2011

haven't we been to philly

Friday morning POURED, actually the whole day it POURED. Not great weather for site seeing.

We started our morning with a good ole greasy diner breakfast.

Who doesn't love homemade jams and biscuits.

Marshall had to go to school for the afternoon so we decided to head up to school with him, show the parents where he spends the majority of his time, do some shopping, and try to avoid the down pour.

On our way to his school we found this sign.
They ship to prisons. I love Philly.

After school and shopping we had dinner reservations at one of our new favorite Chinese restaurants, Han Dynasty. We call it Handy Nasty.

Regardless of rain jackets and umbrellas, we still showed up soaking wet.
But we didn't care. The food was delicious.
Nothing can stop the joy eggplant brings me.

After dinner it sopped raining!
We were already down in Old City so we deicided to just walk.
We headed toward the historical stuff.
It was dark, but at least it wasn't bombarded with tourists.
My dad wanted so badly to cross the street at Independence Hall but the guards would not have that.
While looking at Independence Hall my parents realized that they have been to Philadelphia before. They think it was before they were married. They still have no idea why they were here, or who with, or what for. This was during their hippie days. So of course they were drugged out. It was a pretty humorous conversation.

I love that.
Because they believe they have already seen all the historical stuff, we didn't have to go there again in the daylight.


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