Saturday, September 24, 2011

pizza, beer, and the cowboys.

Our mornings have been pretty lazy. Waking up later than normal, drinking coffee (them, not me) taking our time getting ready. Relaxing. After all, it is vacation for my hard working parents.

Saturday, after our lazy morning, we realized we should get out of the house.
So we headed to the subway.
Destination was the Reading Terminal Market. A GIANT food market with any type of food you could imagine. I love food. This place is magical.

After lunch we walked around downtown.
Showed them how the wealthy people live here.

My mom and I sent the boys to the brewery.
We met up with them later after they had a few beers.

We ended the night with a technology, football family night.
We skyped both my brothers, one in Oklahoma and one in Virginia and we watched the OSU game together.
All 3 locations were randomly having pizza for dinner.
It was so much fun all being together through the computer screen. The last time we all watched a football game together was forever ago.
I love technology.
And I looove my Cowboys.



Valerie said...

looooove your skyping session. that is amazing.

Jessica said...

gosh you guys are so cute! i love our family!! xo