Saturday, June 25, 2011

free please

Today we had a social free day.
We headed to the local brewery for some free beers..

And headed downtown for a school fundraiser thing for Marshall at some bar.

There was also another "party" at this bar and they had food set up.
And we pretended we were apart of the 5 year high school reunion of '06 and ate their food.

I like social days!



Girls of the Wild Frontier said...

What brewery?! Did you make a new friend?! And who has a 5 year high school reunion?!

You and Marshall look so cute in that last pic!

Heidi said...

Philadelphia Brewing Company... every saturday they do free tours and tastings... you dont have to take the tour, just drink the free beer! and the new friend is marshall's school friend..... you can come and be my friend and drink free beer!