Saturday, September 17, 2011


Since I still consider myself new to Philadelphia I want to be in the know here. So I follow all of the right people. I always know when a celebrity is filming on location in the city, I know what Craig (the lawyer), and Reid (the real estate dude) from The Bachelorette are up to (creepy?), and I always know what is going on in Fishtown. Marshall often asks "why do you know this stuff?" because all I do is read tweets, that's why.

I saw on one of the Fishtown neighborhood sites that they were having "Basket Bingo" at a church on Saturday. $5.00 to enter and that covers all regular Bingo games, plus your door prize ticket, plus $0.50 per "special" game. It started at 2 and lasted till 5. That's a lot of bingo people, but Marshall didn't have clinic and I wanted to play.
So we went.
And we played. And played. And then we had an intermission. And then we played some more.
We had to buy the "special" games, and we couldn't just play one card. We had to buy multiples. The prizes for winning the regular boards, were just okay, but the "special" prizes were at least a step up from okay. I wanted to win, I needed to win. There is just something about the thrill of Bingo that made me come alive!

But of course, we didn't win. We would get so close then someone would yell "I'VE GOTS A BINGO" and the crowd would collectively let out their "awwwes", they would call out the numbers, and the announcer would yell "THAT'S A BINGO" and we would clear our board and start again. And the people that won, they would win more than once. The lady next to us won 3 times. Rigged?

Until the last "special" game. Marshall and I really put all our money into this one. We bought 6 squares. That's $3.00 worth. That's like a 1/3 of a meal here in Philly.

But you know what happened.
Our hard work and perseverance paid off.
WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe it either, it was a miracle. I picked the only good prize basket left and it was a basket full of breakfast. Pancake mix, syrup, chocolate sauce, muffin mixes, cereal, granola bars, other random crap, and a Superfresh gift card. (If you read my last post, you can imagine the excitement). It is kind of ironic that we JUST bought at the store pancake mix and syrup, and chocolate syrup was on our list for the next grocery store run.

We calculated what we won and we ended up making money on our Bingo experience.
Lesson Learned: Investing in the "special" games is where the money is.



Mia said...

that looks fun...good for you! have a super blessed sunday!

Anonymous said...

Grammie would be so proud! Love, Anonymous Kay Kay!