Sunday, September 5, 2010

"what kind of rich church camp did you go to?"

Another full day of sun. OOooh. Glorious.

We woke up, ate a huge breakfast and hit the boat.
Megan's grandma wanted to go on the tube... and she wanted us to go with her.
So Cathy and I were the brave souls who climbed aboard with the daredevil. Except she wasn't so much of a daredevil on the tube.
She kept screaming "AHH WHITE WATER"
Still, she is 75 years old. Pretty amazing.

Kary got to drive the boat.

That's love.

After Darlene had enough it was Kary and Megan's turn.
They boarded the tube.

Cathy posed for pictures.

Darlene started the boat....



We started drifting to shore.
So Megan jumped overboard to drag us to a dock.
She saved the day. She's our mermaid hero.

Labor day heros. (Notice Cathy's armshelf)

Once we finally got to their place we did this the rest of the day.

Armshelf. Always.

And before we knew it out moms were walking down friendship carry style.
With fooood. Nothing better than food coming out of a friendship basket made by moms!

We did stretches
We did dancing...?
We did reading of Kendra in 1 day....
And We enjoyed being there doing nothing all day long.

It was beautiful.

We made smores to finish out our evening...
With the BIGGEST mallows you will ever see.

Also the messiest I might add.

And then Cathy taught us how to make taffy out of marshmellows...
She apparently learned to make this at church camp....
Megan and I didn't make our own snacks at our church camp....

One more day of our labor-free vaca.


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