Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Our special is..."

GAME DAY! So you know what that means... friends and hot dogs.

At one point in time Cathy and I used to tell the Schmiedeberg's that we were their children. Turns out we still are.

Being the creeper that I am, I watched and photographed college kids using this...
An octopus bong? Have these always been around and I'm just not in the "bonging crowd"?
Oh College.

Oh Cathy.

Since none of us had tickets to the game, the idea of standing outside randos tailgates sweating was not appealing to us. But you know what was sounding like a good idea?

El Vaq.

I actually haven't been there since way before China. Shame.

It did not disappoint.
The cold beer, the dirty food, Ashley's falling stories, Cathy's bangs... what else do we need?

How about Madeline? In an OSU bow?

We headed down to the cart after dinner to set up shop.

We brought lawn chairs this time. The chairs brought so much attention to the cart I really think it was a smart marketing move on our part. The customers loved enjoying our tailgate experience.

Half way thru the night we were in need of a drink.
A quick run through The Barn did the trick.

Our night was full of entertainment as always.

Interesting conversations... "So there's really no chance that either one of you are going to date me?"
Couples mugging down (photo does not portray what we saw all night)

And well. Whatever you want to call this.

See. The chairs really were a hit.


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