Saturday, September 11, 2010

mr. onions and punt team

Hellooooo football season! This season I'm more excited than previous years. I guess it must have something to do with not being here last year. That's how everything is lately. I am more excited for things, to eat chips and salsa, thunderstorms, wearing my boots. Everything.
We headed down to campus and found my father wheelin and dealin in the parking lot.
Parking cars. Making money.
He wouldn't even let his own daughter park there without paying $8. Whatev.

You want something beautiful. I'll show you something beautiful.
All that wavin' wheat.

I have missed this. And a special thanks to Bailey for letting me have her ticket. Good friends share tickets.

After we (barely) beat Troy it was hot dog workin time.
The Strip was hopin with crazy Cowboy fans. It was hard to concentrate on all the orders.
Especially with friends to visit with.
And smoke from the grill overtaking our lungs.

If only I could have recorded the incredible tales of the drunks for you all... I guess you will just have to come experience it yourself.


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Emily said...

it looks like kori and bailey are vomiting in that last picture..... with a noticeable wet spot on the ground. nice.