Friday, September 3, 2010

"ahh you drive a volvo? we can't eat our chili dogs in such a prestige car"

It's the weekend. Which means drunk college kids are going to be out and wanting a tasty dog before they head to their final destination and pass out.

My girl Cathy wanted a 1st hand experience of the ridiculousness...
So she came to Stilly to help sell some dogs.

Rob, also came to help. His job was the money collector. So really Cathy and I weren't needed.

So we talked to people walking by. And when we saw someone we knew
Like Kate Hubble. We chatted it up.

My dad also whored us out to this couple.
Not the guy on the end. But the blonde and the guy to her right.

They are a couple from Kansas City in town for the game, she is 29, he is 45, and they were drunk. They couldn't get a cab to their hotel. Of course my father offered his daughter and her friend to drive them.

Sure? Why not. They aren't some psycho killer couple or anything. Right? They were just really pretty drunk and hilarious. In the middle of our conversation in the car the lady says "I just want to say I think you both are really pretty. I don't mean to be un-professional or anything..."

Don't worry lady. You aren't... this isn't our job. We aren't a cab company. Although we did make an $8 tip. So maybe Cathy and I have something going for us...

Can't wait for next weekend. I think I need to film some of the conversations we hear from the drunk people. It's a-m-a-z-i-n-g.


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