Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the glades with @megkiner

We scored a Groupon for an airboat ride so we decided to bring our friend Nibal along and drive to the Glades and check out some more alligators. Apparently Marshall and I can't get enough of them gators.
 The airboat was quite the ride. I thought we were going to tip over, it was fun and informative, we learned about plants and stuff.
However, the gator spotting was not as great as bike riding.
 But our tour guide/driver was awesome. We have no idea what his name was, but he told us these crazy stories about how he got stuck in the Glades when he was 6 years old and he's obsessed with alligators. He called one alligator, Road Runner, his girlfriend. And then he was trying to find another (I guess they know where they hang out) and he couldn't find her and he starts screaming "CYNTHIA, CYNTHIA, I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE, COME OUT CYNTHIA. WE DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU. IT'S ME. CINDY BABY" It was so bizarre. But so totally awesome. I couldn't stop laughing.

After the boat we went to a "gator show". I guess we were at the same place as that Animal Planet show, Gator Boys, and the girl from the show did our show... Anyway, the show was a bust. The lady did two tricks. Whatever. She was also barefoot. Gross.
And then we could have paid $5 to hold the baby gator. Instead we just took pictures.

We were going to go to the beach when we got back, but we ordered some gator bites, and then it got cloudy and rainy and then it was too late to make it happen. So Megan and I went and found some YOLO gear!!!
 YOLO Baby!!!
(the next day we found YOLO clearance hats for $1, but failed at taking a picture)


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