Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 1 with @megkiner

You all may have noticed that I am extremely lazy and don't blog nearly as much as you all want me to, but I have some new material.
The past weekend I had a bestie fly in all the way from Dallas to see us!
 She landed and we headed to eat at a this hippie juice bar where are waiter tried to throw the napkin into the trash can and then said "LeBron". He was weird.

We headed down to South Beach to get our party on. It was only 5, so we got our stormy beach walk on.
 And watched this uncomfortable photo shoot happening with "models"

We hit up a happy hour, watched the crazies walk Ocean drive (one girl was wearing a pencil skirt, heels, and her BRA as her shirt)!

We also stumbled upon this sucky joint.  What a disappointment, Dash. I expect more from my girls.

We ended the night at some strange outside bar that had a dance floor over half of a swimming pool. Megan and I danced with strangers while Marshall stood and watched. But these strangers weren't creepy strangers. They were fun strangers, hard to find at a place like this.
At one point I remember one of the strangers saying "I want to lift you in the air, you're so small, does your husband care?" I said, "Noooo" and then he lifted me in the air like Dirty Dancing style.  And then I ran to ask Marshall if he saw me. 
He, however, said it didn't go down like that. He said that the guy tried to lift me but failed. I want to think I was flying above the crowd.

We made it home by 11 pm and was in bed by 12. What a win win win for us.


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