Thursday, February 28, 2013

paint by numbers

Most of our date nights come from Groupons. We can't afford anything here in Miami, and Groupons allow us to get out there and off the couch while not spending all of our monies. We finally went and did a painting class... I know we are behind on the trend, whatever. This particular one was right around the corner from us, so we could finish our bottle of wine on the walk home. We didn't.. but we could have. 

The progress.
 I might have had a few sips of wine by the time I had to draw the moon and had difficulties making a tiny perfect circle..

The whole class. 
We didn't know any of them. 

I felt like Felicity the whole time.  There could have been a fire in the building and I was so into my painting I would have had no idea (That's a Felicity reference..)


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