Friday, February 15, 2013

a day on the water with @megkiner

It's no surprise I love a good deal. So when there was a Groupon for a weird pirate ship tour Megan and I said yes!
 Who doesn't love a cheap boat tour.
It ended up being more of a celebrity house tour. Which is totally awesome being told where all the hot stars live in Miami. That way I can get a canoe, paddle back out there and just wait. Stalker style. But wait, it has to all be true to be totally awesome. BS Tour guides.

However, after doing much research, I am sad to say that the tours are not true, Maybe at some point a celebrity did live on that island or has lived in Miami, but as for them owning the houses currently, my google searches have told me that the tour guides just make it up.
This isn't half of the famous houses that they told us about. Any Latino American star that you can think of, plus b-ball stars, Leo, Ben and Jen, rappers, and even the doctor who invented Viagra all currently have houses here. Please. Whatever tour guide. Just sail the boat.
But that didn't stop us from having fun (or believing him for that hour). Megan even took her YOLO shirt off. That boat got crazy. YOLO baby.

Then we went and spent the afternoon at the beach.
Where Megan played in the waves with a stranger.
It's so fun having her here. It's less lonely when Marshall is at work!


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Robyn said...

so funny-just make up where everyone lives tour guides! ah well-a day on the water is always good,especially with a friend.