Sunday, January 13, 2013

one last Christmas post.

I am still alive. Barely. I thought, maybe I should just stop posting, it's been so long and I'm so exhausted but, no, I am back. 

I have been working 9 to 10 hour days for the past 7 days, but my week this week is not as crazy.  I have time to eat, sleep, and blog. 

I'm still in the Christmas posts. Stick with me here.
 After Christmas my Aunt Nancy, her 4 daughters, their husbands and their children all came to stay at my parent's house. For one of the nights my brother and his family were still in town. The house was insane but so much fun!
This is all of the kids. Cousins, and second cousins. Is that what they are to each other? My cousin's kids and our (my brother's) kids?
Anyway, 13 kids UNDER the age of 6!!!! 

And here is my photo dump of that time.
The kids built a fort in the freezing cold! 

 Mia let the kids make brownies!

 We have the best family ever.


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