Saturday, January 5, 2013

Marshall turned 30 and was forced to wear a party hat.

We celebrated many birthdays over the last couple weeks
Marshall -Dec. 28
My Dad -Dec. 29
My Mom- Jan. 4

But I only seemed to document Marshall's. Sorry Parentals, I really sucked this year with the camera. But Happy Birthday parents! I love you! I didn't even give you guys a blog post shout out. I'm sorry!! I really failed.

For Marshall's birthday I forced him to wear a birthday hat.
Literally, forced him to take this picture.

 But he loves me, so he smiled in one picture.

His Tulsa buddies came over to his parents house and they did man things.
 Like build a fire.
And stand next to a wall.

He makes turning 30 look so... cool.
Thank goodness I'm years behind him!


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