Thursday, January 3, 2013


Christmas at our house is a big deal. Usually more for the kids than the adults, but technically I am still a kid, because I don't have kids myself, so it's a big deal for me. But as our family is growing, and more babies are added, our Christmas has gotten even more awesome!

We usually open one or 2 gifts Christmas Eve and then save the giant pile of presents for Christmas day. 

Uncle Aaron wrestling all the kiddos. 

Me trying to take pictures. 

All the grandbabies opened their Christmas pj's and we of course had to try and take a pic.
I of course, had to get in this pic. I'm looking at Pryce because he was slowly making his way to the ground. And then all of a sudden, Jett was done with our picture and laid on his brother.
I have some pretty adorable nephews and niece!

The kids opening the gift of their choice on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas morning, we wake up really really early, even though every year we say let's not start so early. With kids, that's impossible. We eat cinnamon rolls, and drink hot chocolate and start the craziness of the gifts.

Somebody has to be the one to hand out the gifts, the Santa if you will. Usually it is my brother Aaron, but lately that job has fallen to me. So I have only a few pictures of actual opening presents because I was too busy. I'm not going to name names, but there were times when I would look over and one or two of the kids were opening presents that did not have their names on them, granted, they can't read and don't understand, but still. Someone had to sacrifice pictures for the safety of the gifts.

Marshall got an Indo board from my parents and he was pretty pumped about it.

And this picture I just love. Because it pretty much sums up what the morning was like.
These kids were tired. And over it.

However, these 3...
were present opening maniacs!

Finally, after all the presents were opened, that's when the real madness began. My dad gave my brothers and Marshall toy helicopters, the boys got remote control cars, so all the electronics were going at once and it was such a beautiful sight to see.

Marshall and I every year go to his family in Edmond for dinner Christmas day and an ornament exchange. I am so mad because I literally didn't take one picture. I was so busy catching up with his cousins and family and his mom is amazing with the camera and is constantly snapping pictures. So when she wasn't taking pictures, she gave me her camera to take pictures and I meant to get pictures from her before we left and I forgot! Poop! So technically I did take pictures... just not on my own camera..

But we did take ONE picture the next day after his residency interview.
How sad. Just one. I fail.

Overall, Christmas was the best. It was so fun to be with family, and get to experience the little ones at this time. It's such a magical time, and I love seeing Christmas through them!



Ashley said...

you and your hubs are too cute together!!! you're going to have pretty babies one day!

and Christmas must be so fun with little kiddos....can't wait!!

happy new year chica!

Valerie said...

Indo Board!!!!

I love the grandkids-in-pjs pictures. I love how Pryce can't be bothered to let go of his sucker, so he just reaches across his whole body to hold Jett's hand.