Monday, October 8, 2012

pumpkin pickin'

I'm back! 
I landed in Philly last night and wouldn't let Marshall out of my sight! I'm excited to be back, actually, we move to Miami in a MONTH so I don't have much time left here! And we have a lot on our schedule so no time to rest for me!

I'll post pics from the wedding reception from this past weekend which was the big reason for staying so long in Oklahoma! But for now I will leave you with some pics I never posted.
 Bubble wrap popping, computer time, and celebrating Jett's actual birthday with donuts!

 My sis-in-law, Teri, goes every year to the pumpkin patch to get the kids a pumpkin so I tagged along.
Oklahoma got hit with a cool front and I couldn't have been happier to have the cool weather!
I promise, we had fun!

p.s. I get to see my brother Eric and his family when they come visit us in Philly this weekend! I'm so pumped, I haven't seen them in SO LONG. His kids are so cute and smart they teach me things all the time, so I'm sure they will be teaching me about the history of our country!


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Ashley said...

your little nephews are so cute!! and whew...moving again already?! good luck on the travel! :)