Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy B-Day Jetters and P-Diddy!

I'm sure you guys are wondering when I'm going back to Phila. I'm sure my husband is too! 
Marshall and I decided that I should just stay for a few weeks. Between my wedding last weekend, my nephews b-day party this past weekend, and a wedding reception next weekend it made sense.

I don't like missing out. And I have a really good husband who doesn't like me missing out either.

So onto the weekend. 
Pryce turned two September 18th and Jett turns three October 6 so it was easier to have a joint family b-day party this past weekend.
We ate BBQ, played outside, opened presents and spent time celebrating these two wild children.

But the best part of any birthday party (besides the gifts) is of course the dessert.
Well for these guys it was more traumatic than exciting.

We gave them their cupcakes with their candles. They didn't seem too impressed. So we lit the candles, and we all started singing.
Jett got embarrassed (there was about 15 people singing to them) and hid under the table. Then Pryce didn't know what was going on with the fire and the singing and his brother under the table, so he started screaming.
And screaming some more and when Jett finally came back up he started picking his nose. And after they finally blew out the candles Jett took that cupcake and gave it one of those "get that corn out of my face" Nacho Libre style smacks. And Pryce thought it was hilarious and started laughing and laughing.

It was awesome.. And when they are older and it's okay for me to tell them all their cute stories from when they were babies I'll show them the video and embarrass them in front of their girlfriends.



Bethany said...

AH Love the Nacho description. I know exactly what you're talking about! Glad you got to celebrate with them!

Valerie said...

The cupcake thing is the funniest thing I have heard all week.

Jessica said...

ha ha ha ha!! that made me laugh out loud. i seriously wish i could have been there! ha ha!