Tuesday, October 9, 2012

wedding # 2.

I stayed home a few extra days so that I could go to my best friend's mom's wedding reception. She is also my mom's best friend.
Did you follow that?

My friend Megan's mom, Kary (Kary is BFF with my mom too!) had a ceremony with family a few weeks ago, but had a big party this past weekend.
I didn't actually get any pictures of the happy couple... or of my mom and I!
p.s. We didn't all plan to wear the same color dress, we're just awesome and look like honorary bridesmaids.

 It was an older crowd so we were the entertainment. There were times when the whole room was just starring at us on the dance floor. And of course my mom and her friends danced the night away with us, but other than that everyone was just watching us.
My mom, Megan, and I booty danced on Cathy's boyfriend. Hope you didn't mind Cathy!

And thanks to the DJ for letting me use his equipment as props.
After so much of the same dancing we had to get creative for entertainment.

The party ended early (ya know, because of the older crowd, ha!) so we hit up the hotel bar to check out all the brides who just got married. 
We also went on a "ghost tour" of the hotel (it's haunted) led by a man named Fredrick. 

Also Cedric the Entertainer was at the bar. 
We tried to hang out with him and his entourage, but all I got from him was a tortilla chip!

It was a great night to a great visit home. 
Congrats to Kary and Mike! 


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Bethany said...

Ah the appearance of Cedric the Entertainer was such a plot twist!
Looks like you had a rocking time!