Tuesday, October 23, 2012

hanging out with presidents and other famous people.

During our D.C. weekend we decided to ride away from the mass amounts of tourists and explore some more of the city. But what we stumbled upon was the best part of our day (besides the bikes)!

We walked into a wax museum and I knew we needed to get a ticket.
I walked up to the ticket counter and our conversation went like this....

Me: How much per ticket?
Young Twenty-Something Male Worker: (I thought he said) $2.22
YTSMW: No, $22
Me: Oh, no way. We can't afford that. He's a student (pointing to Marshall).
YTSMW: Well what can you afford?
Me: I can afford $2 or free.
YTSMW: Well........... can you afford $5 a person?
Me: We can afford that.
(I started to hand him a $20)
Me: I'll give you a $20 so we can have change for dinner.
YTSMW: Well if you have to get dinner I'll discount you more.
Me: You are my favorite person. Thank you!

And then we were given change and we entered the museum.

Total we paid for 2 tickets.... $4.77

I'm not sure who this mystery employee is, or if he should even be working there, but I don't care, I love him.

I love a good barter opportunity, and I love posing with the presidents.
Warning: There are a lot of pictures of Marshall and I with famous people.
All the presidents were present, along with other VIPs.

Besides being all historical they had celebrities.
And let's be honest... I would rather see the celebs than the dead presidents that I know nothing about...

They just so happened to have 4 of my least favorite celebrities.
Brad Pitt is automatically on my list because of association. 

But they also had my favorites.
Skinny Oprah, young Joan Rivers, and the one and only Al Roker.

The figures were extremely freaky and life like. It was my first wax museum experience and it was just great. If anyone is in the area you need to go visit, but do not pay full price... because apparently the fee is negotiable. 



Kendra said...

remember the wax museum episode on bachelor pad and they "came to life" and scared people? i don't know if i can ever go to a wax museum again.

... though for $5 i might make an exception.

Brittany said...

this. post. is. awesome. I love it! Especially Al Roker pre-weight loss surgery. lol

Bethany said...

It makes me smile that Tyra is infront of a wall of cheese because she is CHEESY. And self centered and neurotic and insane and dramatic. But mostly cheesy.

Valerie said...

My favorites are you as a Kennedy child and Marshall in his MJ pose.