Sunday, August 5, 2012

I would like the reindeer.

One of the best parts about living in Denver has been that we have friends here. We might not get to hang out with them a lot, but the times that we have, have been great.

We met up with Hannah and her new hubby Mr. Lesley, for some hot dogs!
Hannah knows I love hot dogs so what better place to go than Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs.
Marshall ate a rattlesnake dog and I ate a reindeer dog (sorry Santa). 
Reindeer hot dogs don't taste that bad. Good job Rudolph.

We walked across the street for some more hang out time.
Kendra met up with us here where we talked Bachelor Pad, watched some Olympics, and laughed.

I wish I could stay here and hang out with these cool girls.
They have no idea (but they do now) how much their friendship this summer has meant to me. They were inviting us places and including me when something fun was happening. I might not have been able to go to a lot of things, but it meant so much that they even took the time to ask.

This crazy lifestyle we have can be lonely in the girlfriend department.
Sometimes a girl just needs to watch The Bachelorette with a bunch of other girls, or lay by the pool talking about our boys.
Thank you for giving me that girl time I needed.

Our next move is Philly, where my nearest girlfriend Valerie is 2 hours away. I'm already planning on many bus rides to NYC.



Robyn said...

girl time is so important-glad you had a fill of it this summer

Kendra said...

Really enjoyed spending the summer with you! If only you could've stayed longer :)

Hannah Lesley said...

goodbye my loooooooooove. seriously, i will miss you. and so will nick. i think he's told me 10+ times how hilarious you are:)