Thursday, August 9, 2012

See Ya Denver.

People. I've been MIA. Could you tell? 
Moving week started. 
My mom flew into town to help clean, pack and drive with me. But really it was all an excuse to come see me in Denver!
Besides all the cleaning and packing that got done, we also pampered ourselves, ate a lot (check out that sausage....), had an eye exam, went shopping. The usual mother/daughter activities.

Marshall has to stay a few days later for work, so we packed up my car, said bye to our house, and drove to Oklahoma.

We leave next week to drive back to Philadelphia where we will be until November. 

I am not ready to make that drive. Again. For the 3rd time.

Until I get settled in Phila I may not be around much.
Hang with me. You know you want to see Filthadelphia. 


1 comment:

Ashley said...

moving again already?! What does Marshall do again? That drive will blow but I'm SURE Philly in fall will be amazing! Glad you got some mom/daughter time in!