Thursday, June 9, 2011

moon... day 2.

Yes, I seriously am going day by day. Who does that? If I were closer to you all then I would be able to sit and do a picture slideshow. But I'm not.

So you get the daily recaps...
minus all the love making recaps that was being done.... :)

We did some beaching...
And made friends with people.
Notice the Russians in the background. Those bodies were all over, and usually without the ladies tops on.

After talking with the front desk about what we get free because we are honeymooners we got ready for dinner.
If you haven't ever been to an all inclusive resort (you have never really lived) it works like this. Lots of restaurants, bars, and pools. All included. All the drinks you can drink! They usually have a few buffet restaurants and then they have "fancier" restaurants that you have to make reservations for. If you are lazy like we are and don't want to leave your room (wink wink) then you have to eat at the buffet. Which is sometimes not a bad idea.

However, this night we had reservations for the Italian restaurant.
Marshall had chocolate on his chicken parmesan ...

And the red wine tasted like cough syrup.

We hit the buffet after for 2nd dinner.

One of the greatest things about the buffet is the crepe section. All meals, all the time.

Nutella, banana, and Peanut butter.
I gained 5 pounds on crepes alone.

Also they performed The Lion King.


But now let me leave you with a video from water aerobics. Everyday they do beach and water aerobics. Don't worry, there is a beach video coming your way. This was our first experience but we joined in everyday after this. The instructor ruled.


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