Friday, June 10, 2011

day 3

Our mornings started out with the breakfast buffet.
This is how they give you your cinnamon roll....

This rock creation was right by our room.
Pretty sure that's Oklahoma.

We tried foot representation of our homes.
But then I remembered I am really bad at geography.

Just my luck, beach aerobics was happening as we got to the beach.
I really needed to work off the 10 pounds gained at b-fast.
And holding hands in a circle was the perfect way to do it.

We found one of our favorite past times while beach or pool laying was people watching.
We just had to make sure our camera was ready when the action started.

The large man in a speedo building a sandcastle? with his son (who you cant see) who is also wearing a speedo.

The Mannys running on the beach with their child.

The old, tan, speedo wearing male.

The topless family.

Marshall is posing with 2 young European boys in speedos. The 2 standing in the picture is a topless woman and her speedo wearing lover.

Try not and look at my model husband. He is actually holding a bag over his head which is why he standing like that.... focus your eyes on the boobie lady walking behind him.

After hours of doing that we grabbed a drink, and some popcorn and left the beach. On our walk back to our bungalow, we encountered a wedding.
Right there at that little white pavilion with all these strangers stopping in their bikinis to watch.
I did have my popcorn so we were more than prepared for the show.

Dinner... I dominated the buffet and saved room for crepes.
The crepe man.

And of course we had to China pose with the weird arch way.

At this point in time I'm pretty sure we should buy a house and vacation here.


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Lynn said...

Wish I could hear all about your adventures in person, I know you have tons of great stories! Miss you already and forever