Thursday, June 9, 2011

honeymoon day uno

Marshall had kept the honeymoon location a surprise for months. He told others, but no one would tell me. I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping it was the Dominican Republic (my brother has been talking about it for years). And sure enough that's where he took me!
Punta Cana!
From Philly it is a little less than a 4 hour flight.
Weekend trip to the D.R.? Yes please!

As soon as we got to our resort we were greeted with shots of the local drink, Mama Juana.
It is a root soaked for years with red wine, rum, and honey....
And the name is pretty funny too.

We got to our room...
The baby making room.... no. Not yet.

Ditched our bags and headed for the beach.
People pay lots of money to have a "romantic dinner" here.... I however found it as a great place to laugh at those people.

Thanks to the bar "Mc Princess" we could enjoy french fries on the beach whenever we wanted.

I'll be back with the next day's photo opts.


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