Friday, June 10, 2011

day 4.... the party bus

We knew we wanted to do some type of excursion while we were in Punta Cana. We didn't want to just think that the Dominican Republic was only all inclusive resorts. We debated on which to do and decided on the "safari tour". We thought it would be more of an old person tour. We knew we were going to the villages and seeing different things but we didn't know we were going on a party bus.

First 30 minutes on the giant army truck and the "bartender" starts handing out drinks....
This bartender we shall call Steven, like from the movie Nacho Libre because he reminded us so much of Steven.

By our first stop we were feeling ready to party!

Which was a small school....
We partied with the children.

Our next stop was a sugar cane making field.
A small child on the side of the road handed us sugar canes as we drove by...

Next stop an old church in one of the small "towns"
All I remember is it was built a long time ago.

We also found a dental clinic. Dental hygiene is very important.

We went to another church.
This is where we had a bathroom break.
And believe me, we needed a bathroom since this guy
kept up to his name.

We found a Chinese restaurant.

The cute little begger children that would run by the truck and ask for money. Sometimes they threw flowers for us.

This is our tour guide, Nacho. Not sure his real name, but he also reminded us of Nacho. They sounded the same, they stood the same. It was wild.

Naked boy on the side of the road.

A donkey with a giant wiener.

We stopped at this little house to see how the people live.
I used the toilet and apparently there were 3 of these on the walls...

This family that lives at this house also makes coffee, chocolate, honey, and the Mama Juana. All of these are the D.R's major exports.
Shots of hot chocolate.

See he looks like Nacho.

Steven holding the rum bottle like his baby.

Let's just say we went through a lot of rum.

2 frogs doing it. They must have been on their honeymoon too!

We stopped to ride some horses, smoke some cigars, and eat lunch.

I put on shorts so I could ride those stanky horses.
Marshall smoking his cigar that was rolled before his eyes.

Apparently I have no idea how to hold a cigar, or even how to smoke it.

It started raining while we were riding horses.
ALso, why did Marshall not have to wear a helmet but the rest of us did?
It was a cold cold ride.

The birds here love beer.

This is our crazy giant truck we rode in.

They put the rain flaps down but it didn't help.
It was still a cold wet ride.

The last stop was to the beach. Normally this would have been a great stop. But it was pouring down rain.
We stopped long enough to take a pic.

Nacho would walk down the aisle of the truck and poor the rum into your mouth. He would also play spin the bottle and whoever it landed on had to drink. He was the drunkest of anyone.What a job.
This excursion was money well spent. We got to see the country side, how people live, and try local Dominican food. Plus it was a booze cruise. Bonus!

Our dinner reservations later that night were for some "honeymooners" dinner that the resort made for us. We didn't really know what to expect.

We got to the restaurant and 2 of the workers were dressed as the bride and groom...
Very strange.
Then they gave us champagne and made us pose with them behind a fake wedding cake.
One of the best days!
We had so much fun and embraced all of the random awkwardness!


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