Sunday, March 6, 2011

who doesn't love attention?

We had our first shower this weekend! And since Marshall is home for a week of course we are going to make him sit through a wedding shower!
We had amazing ladies who did an excellent job throwing us an excellent shower!

We had sweet b-maids who were able to come party with us!

And sweet family who celebrated with us.
Other family not pictured. My bad.

We had lots of fun visiting with friends and scoring some pretty great gifts.

Jett was also highly entertained the whole time.

After shower time we headed home and hung out. The girls and I were waiting for Valerie to make her way to Stillwater so we could get our bridesmaid dress party going on.

I can't show you pictures because it's a surprise. But with top sewer Val in charge it will be a success.

p.s. for those reading thinking "where was my invite to this shower?" that's a good question. i have had a few people tell me they never got theirs. darn post office.
my apologies. your husbands are probably thanking them because they didn't have to go.



Girls of the Wild Frontier said...

So glad we got to be there!

Brittany said...

Wish we could have been there! Love the outfit and shopping for it! :)