Friday, March 4, 2011

i get 1 week this time

I get to see this guy tonight!
Yup. The dude who sat across the office from me and would wear my sombrero at his desk.
That guy.

I pick him up from the airport at 10:00 PM, why not AM? Why not now!!!!????
It's been 50 days! 50 days since I have seen my fiancé!! wahoooo!!
Sorry. I'm excited.

Having a long distance relationship is really sucking right now. When I was in China and he was in America it wasn't this hard. Now that he is in Philadelphia and I'm in Oklahoma, AND we're engaged and not just dating, it sucks way more. I miss him more, I'm more needy, and I honestly think I'm crazier in America.
He would probably agree.
10:00 pm. get here already.


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