Friday, March 11, 2011

one more time

My apologies to my 7 readers out there (maybe now 4). I have been MIA because I have been like a bee. A busy bee.
Marshall and I have been busy with wedding details and decisions. I have hardly taken any pics let alone have time to turn on the DVR.
Shame to my family.

One exciting thing...
Marshall got a haircut. Baby Jett and him now have the same hair. It actually looks great (it's dirty here, go figure)! It is possible he will be sporting this look come May 29.

Back off ladies. He's spoken for.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Mine will be spent at an airport saying goodbye for the last time.

sad kisses.

1 comment:

Hannah Lesley said...

I definitely read all your posts and miss you when it's quiet on your bloggie blog.

xoxo, your internet and semi real life friend hannah:)