Saturday, March 5, 2011

margs + dinner = fun

Marshall finally made it! But we had to get to Stilly because we had a dinner party to get to.

Oh we have missed each other!

Our lovely adult friends (I say adults because let's be honest, they are more grown up than me) wanted to have a dinner for us with the husbands. It was so great to just relax, eat great food, and enjoy my fiancé and friends.

We all know that I love and support the Whitney English name so what better to give to show our thanks and appreciation to the women who wanted to honor us.
It was seriously like watching little kids on Christmas morning.
Gifts just might be my new love language.

And speaking of gifts...
Paula painted us this awesome super creative painting.
Be jealous. Be her friend and maybe you will get one too.

And the most specialest lady of all. My sweet momma. Thank YOU for putting up with me during this crazy time.

Thank you to all the couples for being in our lives and showing us love.


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