Sunday, February 28, 2010

thank goodness for internet tv

I know what you all must be thinking... "Where has Heidi been?"

I'll tell you where I have been....

with this stud.
I've been catching myself up on seasons 6 and 7 of 24 while I have the time.

Does anyone remember when I was mildly obsessed with Jack Bauer? Because I was. It's the show. It's him. He just makes you believe ya know?

Whew. Anyways...

Kevin came home a few days ago, so things are getting back to normal. And one of our jobs as his co-best friends it is to make sure he is well fed.

So tonight, when he came home for dinner we had a treat waiting for him.

Now, they're no Eric Reeves no bake cookies, but they were darn good. (my brother makes the best no bakes I have ever tasted)

Little delicious drops of turds.

We finished the evening with Michael Scott.

Robin supposedly comes home tomorrow. I might stake outside his room all day waiting for him. I miss that crazy Chinese man.

5 days till weekend retreat in Beijing with the team.
7 days till classes start

I wonder how much more internet tv I can watch by then...


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