Friday, February 12, 2010

QHD is getting cooler

So as all 5 of my readers know I am back home... my China home. And for those of you who are wondering why I am not at Winter's home in Ji'an lets just say, it didn't work out! Millions of people trying to travel out of Hong Kong... it was a bit difficult. But it has been great, while we would have loved to get to spend time with Winter and her family, we have loved just being home doing NOTHING. We needed it. Kylie and I realized we aren't really the "live out of backpacks for months" kind of girls. I think I already knew that about myself though...

We are enjoying being bums, but it is kind of lonely, no one is here, the stores are closed down for the holiday, and Robin isn't here to take care of us and make sure we are safe. Except there was something exciting we found out when we got home.

Downtown there was a new shopping mall built and it finally opened while we were gone, it has the typical strange Chinese stores inside and a HUGE supermakert on the 2nd and 3rd floor stocked with turkey flavored Cheetos and chicken feet, and a few western items we can't get at our supermarket. And the exciting part, get ready for it, on the 1st floor of this mall... is..... a.... PIZZA HUT!!!!!!! Big NEWS! And the grand opening... 2/12/2010. That was today.

We didn't eat a lunch so that we could pig out on pizza... Adam, Kylie, and I headed downtown at about 4:30 to check it out... we just didn't know it was going to be such big news to the rest of Qinhuangdao....

We were wrong....
Who knows how long these people were here for....

Of course no one spoke English to help us figure out what to do, but they pushed us over to this

The host stand? They wrote your number down and then you just waited....

This guy, the caller of the numbers, was given a megaphone.... bad idea. I think he wanted to punch me by the end because I kept yelling out our number 2 5 1 and he would say in English "I know"

The Chinese would laugh at us for taking pictures.

Adam somehow pushed his way to the inside where he was waiting in warmth...

We checked out the menu and would get trampled as the lucky ones whose numbers were called would push through the crowd with a victorious look on their face.

And finally we made it inside to the warmth to wait with Adam.

This little girl in the red somehow made it inside while the rest of her family froze outside and read the menu over her shoulder through the window.


And after an hour and a half we were finally seated!

This precious girl was our server.

Pizza Hut is fancy in China.

We ordered a giant pitcher of 7-UP.... Why 7-Up? Why not?

And we got bendy straws... (and it looks like my straw is eating Adam??)

Kylie and I first each ordered a large pizza each... we wanted leftovers, and our server was very surprised and said we should not order so much because we "looked thing" but we said we wanted to take it home.... So after about 5 minutes she comes back and tells us that we can not get the large.... because they were "out of ingredients" ??? Whatever that means.

So we ordered smalls. And don't ask what that thing in the middle is because I don't know.

Mmmm... cheese lovers.

Adam ordered a large... apparently there was enough ingredients for his large but not ours? Anyways, it was taking forever for his pizza to come out, so when we asked our cute little server she said "the big machine was broken and to wait 10 minutes" I just love their strange reasonings/excuses for things.

It finally showed up and it was LARGE. Stuffed crust, that's the way to do it.

I got dessert since I didn't get my large... and since I'm a fatty.

Yup... that's a brownie log.... I made the jokes you are all thinking.

And at the end we got free Pizza Hut discount cards that gives us 8.5% off our total bill everytime we go....AND we got...

This. It's a bag, but it's all folded up, but when you unfold it, it is AWESOME. It say PIZZA HUT in gold letters really big and has a strange pocket. I am going to look so cool at the supermarket. My green Chinese supermarket bag just blends in with the rest of the hundreds of people who use them at the market. Now I will really stand out... because being a foreigner gets no looks....

Total time spent at Pizza Hut.... we got there at 5:00 pm and left at 9:00 pm. Pretty eventful night. So don't worry about me being bored with no one to hang out with, we find ways to have fun.

The Chinese New Year Eve is tomorrow night... fireworks have been going on and they are insane. Seriously, if Cathy Cesar was here right now she would be scared to walk outside. They let them go anytime of the day, and you can't see them in the sky, just the noise. It is scary, but lots of fun! Who knows what my Chinese New Year Eve story will be like.... tune in for that.



Kori said...

So we all decided to celebrate the Chinese New Year's Eve on Saturday night! I'm excited to hear about your real one!

Hannah Lesley said...

A Pizza Hut in QHD? What are they going to get next...a Starbucks? This is almost too much for me. I wish I could have been there to see it with my own eyes.

Enjoy all the crazy, ridiculous, amazing fireworks!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the shout out, Heids! And you are correct. I would be miserable. Or I would wear a space suit. See you SOON!