Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beijing Blog-Off 2010

Tim is back and being a bum like us, so we decided to head out to visit him for the afternoon and make lunch.

He still has his Christmas tree up. I'm already looking forward to Christmas next year.

We were like a restaurant, like a team today.

I was on the dish pit. My personal favorite part of the kitchen.

Kylie was in charge of the mac & cheese.

Her mac & cheese is always delicious.

And she was in charge of the biscuits, just add water!

Tim, our chicken wing man.

Beautiful mess to clean.

MMmm delicious! Just like B Dubs.

And then it was time to eat.

We were a family again, with our true American meal.

Chicken wings make your hands dirty.

After lunch I got right back in that kitchen and got to work cleaning. Just something about being at the sink that calms me...

We spent the next few hours transferring (stealing) movies and TV series from Tim. We're so cool.

BUT finally after a long long trip, and sleeping in the Beijing airport overnight.....

They made it back home!

Oh how happy we are! We were missing social interaction. But she immediately left us to go take a nap and shower. We understood.

So, as most of my 6 readers already know, Kara is a very excellent, faithful blogger. We love to blog and share our crazy experiences with others. Well Tim also blogs, gives us the male perspective of his China experiences. So Kylie decided today to have a Blog-Off. In a few weeks we will be in Beijing for a retreat with our team and leaders. She is going to judge our blogs based on that weekend in Beijing, she even made a grading rubric for how she will judge us.

How can I compete with Kara's? I'm sick just thinking about it. I am just hoping that after spending the past 6 months with Kylie, I will know how to appeal to her senses, while staying true to my blogging self.

2 weeks, competition begins.


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Nancy Branch said...

You can do it! I know you can! Love you and love reading your blog! Miss you lots, too.