Sunday, December 9, 2012

gardens and gators

Remember how I told you how the Miami-Dade library is awesome and you can go to museums for free? Well we decided to check out a another free pass this weekend. It's a first come first serve check out system, and they had the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens available so we thought that would be a great after church activity (which we didn't make it too because we were STUCK in highway traffic for 45 minutes and missed it even though we left our house with plenty of time. Uh. Miami traffic/driving competes with China traffic in miserableness). 

Anyway. On to the gardens. It was hot as balls out so we hoped on the tram for a quick guided tour before we ventured out on our own.

We found this little "wishing" area.
To Bella: Keep trying. You'll get it.
To Alexander: Is there someone you can talk to at school about this?
But overall, great wishes kids. 

We were also there during the butterfly exhibit.
There were many black and gold butterflies. 
Representin' Theta. 

AND the BEST part of the whole thing... we were about to leave when this little 4 year old says to me "Do you see the alligator??" I didn't and he had to point it out to me, which I then started to freak out as we all walked closer to it. And he told me he isn't afraid of them, and then started talking in Spanish to his brother... I really need to learn what everyone keeps saying around us!
The gator didn't move. Just stared at us with his teeth all open and ready to chomp. 
It was pretty exciting. Our first alligator we have seen here.
I can only hope we see many more.

Here's to a free day at the botanical gardens!

Thank you library card!



Valerie said...

the wishes are the best. i love that. hilarious.

Ashley said...

i am 10,000 shades of jealous you are in a tank top. and also that you went to a zoo. seriously, two of my favorite things in life!

Amber said...

That library card is money!