Saturday, December 8, 2012

beach day!

Marshall finished all of his board exams on Tuesday so now our days will no longer consist of him studying and me bugging him about wanting to go do something fun (until he starts to study for the state boards)!! We went this weekend and went where I have been dying to go!

The beach!
 It was soo weird to be laying there in December and thinking "I live here for the next 5 months, this isn't vacation!"

We realized that we really needed to step up our beach accessories. The locals all have their chairs and umbrellas. So we hit up Walmart and go what we needed to be awesome.
We settled on bedlam chair colors. 
The both have cup holders.
Party time.

We are going to try and go once a week to the beach! Besides all the sand (I HATE sand) it's pretty great!


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