Friday, November 23, 2012

The Zoo is free!

The best thing about the Miami-Dade library system is not the books. It's the free museum passes I can check out to all kinds of places around Miami. 4 free adult tickets. Heck yes!

On Friday we packed our leftover food for a picnic and headed to the zoo... fo FREE.
What's better than eating leftover turkey in the beautiful sunshine... doing it at the zoo!

We saw lots of animals.

Took lots of pictures.
This last one of my cousin is my favorite. She looks like a celebrity in the "Their just like us" section...  "they carry their sleeping babies just like us"

We hung out in the dino pit.
I'm momma bird feeding Amber on the left in case you couldn't tell.

After a full day of walking around, enjoying the weather we drove to Star Island to check out the expensive huge famous houses. Rosie O'Donnell and 2 of the Real Housewives of Miami live there.
 I didn't take any pics of the houses... but I'll be back. 

Free Zoo, hanging with my cousins, and potential celebrity sightings make for a great Black Friday.



Brittany said...

How is it that you always get to do things for free?! Or for like $2 and some change? I need your skills.

Brittany said...

Also - I would have told you that your cuz was still pregnant! Time flies!!!

Jessica said...

you girls are so cute! wish i was there :) xo