Monday, September 17, 2012

The Bryants take the burbs.

**This is a warning. There is an overload of pictures in this post.**

We picked up the Bryants Friday night at the bus station in Philadelphia and our first stop was, of course, Chili's.
These two live in NYC so chain restaurants or anything that is a reminder of home is hard to come by. So we try to give them all the goodness of the suburbs.

We woke up Saturday morning and dragged the boys to yoga...
 And then hit up Chick-fil-A.
We hardly ever eat out or that much greasy goodness so it was quite the treat for us too!

To my Pretty Little Liars fans out there this might be interesting to you, for the others, probably not.
So in PLL the show takes place in a town called Rosewood, PA. Well the actual town that the books and show is based on is Rosemont, PA. Even thought it's filmed in LA, we knew that we had to go find this little town 30 minutes away.

We found a church that we will chose to believe was the church where everything goes down.
We found the bell-tower...

There was also a weird little festival thing going on at "Hollis", aka Rosemont College.
Our husbands are good men. They went along and humored us while we squealed at everything!

We were on our way to find a cemetery, and the only restaurant in Rosewood, but when we turned right we were immediately stuck in the middle of a Villanova football game traffic. The boys were getting bored so we kept driving until we found an apple orchard. Because who doesn't want to go pick apples.
We also picked peppers and egg plants!

Besides fruit and veggies to pick, this place was also full of entertainment.
And, it was free to enter. Awesome.

When we finally got home, we made a huge feast of food, put on comfy clothes and watched 80's zombie-like movies.

*Not pictured: Valerie driving to the store so she doesn't forget how to drive a car and a trip to Target.

Love living close to them. Wish we could have fun weekends like this more!


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Valerie said...

i think i'm still recovering from our feast, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

love our weekends with you guys! thanks for everything!